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Dear Little sister

I would like to start this letter by wishing you success in your coming Cambridge Exams. Do your best, that’s all that matters. I will still get you that dress I promised, it doesn’t matter what your grades will be. If you impress me, there will be more, obviously. Am sincerely sorry, I didn’t send you a success card. I wanted to but things happen and now I just feel guilty. Someday I hope you will understand. I have been the worst big sister ever, I know. I haven’t showed up every time I promised I would. A phone call alone ain’t enough. I hope to do better in being big sister in future. I was so used to being the only girl before you came along, then you came and I still assumed the only girl role anyway. It hit me today that have been the worst. You deserve better. Anyway, am glad even though I suck in playing big sister, you turned out to be an amazing, hardworking, talented and beautiful girl all the same. 
I want you to know that you are amazing. I like the confidence you ooze and my god, you are a good actress. In all your perfect imperfections you are flawless. When did you grow up so fast. The kind of conversations I have with you scares me sometime. I don’t remember when you were a baby, I swear. It’s like you skipped all baby stuffs and became a grown up in a blink. 
So, as you start your exams. I will go on my knees and ask the Guy above to guide you through. I pray for confidence, wisdom, knowledge and understanding throughout. I have faith you will do well. I have faith you will make momma proud. You will make yourself proud. I know we all did set very high standards that you have no choice but to maintain or smash them. I know the cup is heavy on your shoulder especially when people before you had good grades. I totally get it, I know how you feel. No matter the outcome, you will always be my little sister. Exams are just exams. 
All the best, with love from your big disaster. 


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