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Eldoret I Don’t Love You

“Of all my lovers, you were suppose to be my forever”

Eldoret, my hometown and others call you the home of champions. I know you like the back of my hand. I have walked your streets back and forth for over a decade and a half. When the rains come, you and your mud and running water on the streets. I loved the windy November and the rains in December and everyone hates thr heat and dust that comes with January. I grew up here, so I got used to your ever changing seasons long ago. We have been doing okay, you were one place I knew I would never want to leave. You were my forever love, the one place I knew I could always run back to. Even when I left I knew I would somehow come back. But forever is obviously not for always

Fare thee well

In your soil I have bled. 

In your soil I have wept. 

In your soil I have grown.

In your soil I have known surprise and sorrows and worries. 

In your soil I had a good laugh and a good cry

In your soil I made good memories. 

In your soil I suffered. 

In your soil I have prospered. 

In Your soil I found love and hate

In your soil I have known bitterness 

In your soil I have known graciousness. 

In your soil I evolved. 

I feel like silver and you were both fire and the crucible that was used to make and test me. 

I left you maybe once or twice or a couple of times but I always came back. 

Now I think it’s time to go. It’s time I explore other soils, find out what they hold. I hope to make a home somewhere along the way because you don’t feel like home anymore. I have evolved and your soil and fire is too weak to keep me. Even when we were playing for keeps. Or maybe am not as grown as I feel but my childhood dreams of the land faraway seem like something I should explore. Or maybe it’s because am tired of the same faces, dusty streets and unpredictable weather that you come with. Or maybe it’s the November wind that lately has been whispering to my ears stories from faraway, seducing me to follow her and find out about all those places she has been. Or maybe I am tired of living in a small town and big cities dreams seem like something I should go for. I have to go, I hope to never come back and if I do, I hope you will receive me. Make love to me like a long lost lover that you are. 

Eldoret, I don’t love you anymore. Am breaking up with you. Thanks for being such a real and lousy lover. Sometimes a little abusive but then again, every roleave. s its thorn. 


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