Telephone Conversation


Hello, and am talking to? 

Oh.. You probably don’t remember me or my voice has change or…. 

Stop right there, hello beautiful. 

You call everyone beautiful? 

No, silly. Stop rambling. How have you been beautiful Riri. 

Aawww… You remember? (I respond with fake enthusiasm). I’m doing Okay. You? Glad my voice hasn’t change much. 

I’m Okay too. We haven’t talked for a while but I make a point of reading your posts online. You haven’t changed a bit girl… 

Hahaha… I take that as a compliment. 

I meant it as a compliment… You still the same wild carefree girl I used to know. We don’t talk and stuff but your free spiritedness spills in the words you bleed. 

Thanks again. You should read the ones I don’t post… Ooh and am really glad you take your sweet time to read by the by. 

I’m your number one fan… And it’s never a sad moment going through your posts… Sometimes I try to figure out what your source of inspiration could have been. 

It has always been you… My muse, you know. pray with  that mouth?  You lying little brat. 

Hahahahaha… Am not a brat. Maybe am lying a little but sometimes you are my inspiration. 

So, why did you call me? After like forever.
Because we are going for an adventure. Am flying you to Dubai.. 

What? Why? 

Because many years ago we made a promise.. 

I remember. We were to go to Dubai together bla bla bla … 


… But we are not young anymore. I have work, kids and a sweet woman by my side. 

I know that much. I called your boss. You are sick and cannot go to work so better play . oh i also called your wife, emergency work trip. She is packing your stuff already. 

What…. You are going to get me fired and divorced all under ten minutes? 

No.. god no, I wouldn’t do that. It just felt like the right thing to do… 

You are totally crazy. What makes you think I will come with you? And I never told you where I work.. 
Because you promised. That’s why. And the internet is a beautiful place plus I did my homework. And not in a weird crazy stalker kind of way.. 

That was like more than ten years ago.. When we made Dubai plans girl! 


Yea, you were 22. Thanks for reminding me how old I am . 


Okay, when are we leaving? 

You are leaving tonight at 2000hrs 

TF.. Where are you? 

France.. I will meet you there. 

Okay. Let’s do Dubai. 

See you then. 

Before you hang up… You owe me so much.. 

I owe you nothing, silly.. 


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