​An Open Letter To My Campus Family

There’s a chance that our forever ends here for most of us. I don’t know, maybe it doesn’t, maybe we get to walk the adult life together. But it doesn’t seem promising. Look at what has happened to us these past few months….We are scattered all over right now; there’s one somewhere in India doing her MSc, then there’s one in that place I don’t remember somewhere in Homabay, there’s one stuck in kitale, a few of you in Nakuru and a few more in Njoro, one is raising a baby somewhere in western, one is knocked up somewhere, some of you trying to set your record straight so that you get to graduate etc etc… We are all over, my friend. We made quite a family, I tell you. And we haven’t graduated yet, graduation is tomorrow for some of us.we will be out of that place that held so many memories. We all get out with a piece of paper,apparently. That  paper gives you power to read and write,who would have thought? Can we all laugh or clap or whatever to that!

What’s going to become of us? I think Evey will be a very rich professor somewhere. Wayne gets to drive a Jaguar before before 30, meets a woman crazy enough to willingly marry him at 35,publishes a few books here and there, he sells his soul to the ink and writes his life away. Linda gets married to a very rich guy somewhere and pops a few kids(we all should admit she was the keeper in the family) I might be a little bias on Linda maybe because she was that distant aunt who came visiting once in a while and we did the same. Bryan never gets married, gets a good job,a big screen and unlimited games and movies to go by. Vee gets a good job, a good mortgage plan, starts her own fashion line,imports things from Dubai and tries her hand in music a couple of times(Well,she had a good sense of fashion and voice all along). Naomi though she stayed for a few months in the family before walking out on us to find sanity, that one finds love,gets married, pops a few kids,sets up a home in a suburban, she learns to knit ugly sweaters that she sends us on Christmas, she knits all through old age in a tiny organized house somewhere (that one liked a quite life). Rodgers finds love a couple of time, runs away from it, ends up alone with cute puppies and stray kittens that eat human biscuits for dinner.  Mercy  finds love, gets to marry the love of her life, gets rich and pops a few kids and live in a mansion somewhere. Sharon gets to raise baby Milan, she gets a good job,start her own bakery where she create her own recipes,this venture will be a sweet highway to diabetes for a few individuals bc her products are so good and too addictive. Jenny (our other distant aunt) raises her son, acquires riches and fine things and travels the world. Vinerose(the love of my life and favorite human being, who never got too close to anyone but me, I think I didn’t want to share her with anyone) plus the only one whom I don’t want to write a story about will become all the things she want. I don’t want to predict or write her story because even now I still don’t want to share her with the world. Plus i plan on keeping her around for a very longtime, so i want her story to suprise me. At least that’s the story I would write about you people. Again, do I stick around to see how Your story unfolds? I hope so. 

So now, we don’t have to ditch class and stay indoors just because we can or drinking cheap alcohol before 11 a.m on Monday. No more playing dangerous drinking game of who gets drunk faster chugging keg(one more round of that, on me kids) though I know I will be the first to go down. No more experiments,testing each others boundaries; we toyed with each others emotions, mental health, Moods, body health etc. There was zero boundaries amongst us,now that I look at it. Sometimes we shamelessly crossed personal space in the name of intervention.

Sometimes I look back and wonder what was wrong with us. The best part, we raised each other. We saw each other grow up and fuck up grandly in a few occasions. Once or twice we witnessed one of our own fuck up and we were decent enough to give them space and let them pick up the pieces. We survived early pregnancies,brokenness, and Egerton. 

There are those we started with from the beginning. We lost a few good soldiers on the way, picked up others. Some of you walked into the family alone(I have a thing for strays) while others came with their own best friends. We were an Okay family with more crazies than Mathare. I loved y’all. The one’s that left before the end, I hope they found their own campus family somewhere. To the rest of you crazies that stuck around to the end, it was an interesting ride.
Graduation represents the end and the beginning of something I’m just not sure what it is. whatever may come I hope our friendship lives on, if not in the future then at least we will always have Egerton. 
I’m curios to see how the future unfolds for us all. I’m curios to see how many of us get to grow old together. I’m curious to see how long our friendship survives the hurdles and puddles of real life. I’m curios about the future and what it means to our friendship.

I’m curios to see how many weddings I get to plan and who needs us during trying times of the future. Do we get to help each other through it all or do we find new circles to lean on? I’m curios to see who amongst us get to stick together. Whom amongst us pair up  for life.who gets to stick out For who bla bla … Who gets to walk the streets of friendship with who for life. I will be happy to know our family wasn’t for nothing,in the end,at least it produced some meaningful friendships. Who stays around so we could walk the adult life together. I’m curious to see to who stays to witness my always failing or nonexistent love life.  Who gets to travel with me (will Evey keep the promise of being my travel Buddy? Or Wayne will decide to pick that role? Maybe Bry will surprise me) or who stays behind waiting for the travel stories. Who gets to stay long enough so we help each other make good/bad investments and purchase properties for posterity sake. Who stays long enough so I help them raise their kids and I remain the cool aunt who brings interesting/expensive gifts. Maybe I even get to live with vinrose in an island far away, we raise baby Bri and live happily ever after. 
I don’t know if we even have a chance of growing old together as a family but at least we had Egerton. We will always have Egerton.

The future is bleak,I can’t see it. There are a million possibilities of what will become of us all; Maybe we get to walk the walk with other people,people we haven’t met yet. Maybe we don’t get to see each other for life except but stay virtual friends, Or someone I knew I college, or once in a while drinking buddy,or a college roommate and stuff… The only thing that’s for sure, we will always have Egerton. Or maybe we become colleagues, business partners or neighbors. I don’t know…
Now I should probably stop typing before I my eyes tear. Before I start regretting all those times I didn’t show up when one of you needed me. Or that time we were ignoring each other because someone made someone fuckin mad. Or the days we banged doors, harsh words exchanged and stuff. Or the moments we witnessed someone self destruct and no one did a thing because we were done awarding bad behavior. Or that time I was hormonal and didnt open the door when one of you fuckers came home late. someone slept I don’t know where and I didnt have the decency to ask the next day. Or why I didn’t pick up the phone so someone messed up big time…
So many memories, so much pain. We had the good, the bad, the ugly, the hormonal, the painful, the other days,the broke days, the days we felt lost, misunderstandings along the way and all the things we experienced. Through it all, we survived college together as one big phat messed up family. 
Despite our separate ways, I hope we will all make a point of showing up in the big moments. Bunny once said,”it doesn’t matter if you doing legendary things if your friends are not there to witness.” I hope we will always have to share each others big moments. The first real job, the first house, the first kitten adoption,birthdays, anniversary,a promotion, first home, baby showers, engagement parties, graduation parties (further education),weddings, home coming and all the big moments that matter. Thanks very much Wayne, for showing up. You obviously the best thing that ever happened to me. 



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