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Judging from facial expressions we have invented an emoji

Misarranged teeth, cracked lips and a smile drawn like a G

Inside our vests and bras we are generating tons of happiness

We are proud of you

(Ngai akurathime)
We can tell that those who make it are few

This is great you just made it like the morning dew

As an eagle you flew

High above the limits

(Ngai akurathime)
I was to sing 

But I couldn’t get the best song even in Bing

In my mind a story has cling

A story of a girl who flew faster than her wings

(Ngai akurathime)
It all started in pre-school

She was never cool with school

But she needed to learn the vowels and spell the word fool

She thought the spelling was full but the teacher always corrected her to fool

She was taught about words with different meanings like stool

And for survival education was a basic tool

(Ngai akurathime)
Lower classes was next

A running nose and hunting for birds’ nests

Always thought the sun had a bedroom in the west

Just because the teacher had said that the sun sets in the west

But she still managed to be the best

(Ngai akurathime)
Class four and the upper classes

Some teachers complained that she was making faces

The boys too were giving her a chase

Hips and breasts were developing and she was experiencing a race

A race between adolescence and academics

Academics made it in a faster pace

(Ngai akurathime)
In high school

She thought of getting born again during the weekend challenges

Slept during the preps, hated teachers and school too

Received letters from boys from the neighboring schools

Envied girls who had lost their virginity

She still made it

(Ngai akurathime)
Joined Campus

She thought everyone has to pass

She never read for the CATS

She had thoughts of cheating in the exams

She missed a Supplementary by whiskers

(Ngai akurathime)
She broke bottles and also hearts

Turned off her crush with a cup of coffee

Got sex advances, drank to blackout

But God is great she still made it

(Ngai akurathime)
(Ngai akurathime)

Agikuyu sentence meaning

God bless you

And that girl is Daisy Riri

PS. A poem from my poet lover on my graduation. It has so much truth in it. Thanks


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