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730 Days and Counting

​Tonight meet me up under the moon with nothing but the warmth from your body and roses. 

I will bring us a blanket,hot chocolate and some music.

Let’s watch the moon and hopefully the stars will be out tonight. 

Give me a dance,a night of a hundred records sounds just right.

It’s been two awesome years of my life and I want to have many more with you.  

There’s no one else I would rather have but you, my kryptonite. 

You created hell to cage my demons, Paradise for my angels and home for the rest of me. 

Basically,you made sense of the mess I thought I had become. I’m more in tune with my being now, I don’t feel like a mess. All pieces of me have found a resting place. 

Tonight I want to share a private moment with you. Let’s forget about reality give the night a chance to offer engulf us. 
Once in a While, in the middle of a normal day, life gifts us a fantasy. Tonight, let’s live in fantasy. 
Kiss me slowly. Dance with me to a soft song. Rub my back. Show me all the places you fill empty lemme fill you with love. Come to me dearling, I will be waiting. 

If our existence is a mystery then I would freely become your slave. 

I have exhausted wishful thinking, hoping and waiting just holding on to the little positivity I have left. 

Too much longing and tonight I choose to indulge.

Meet me tonight my love, make love to all of me.

Tomorrow we will go back to being normal,tonight I need some fantasy.


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