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I Hope We Will Always Have Nakuru

I shouldn’t be missing you or thinking about you because of; logic, distance, timing, because it’s you and me, because you are there and am here, because Nakuru was then and none of us is there and ands….. Despite everything, I hope we will always have Nakuru. 

I miss you, not the you that has evolved since the last time I saw you or was it the first and last time? Not the you I didn’t know before I met you. No, I miss the person you were when I was there and Nakuru was there and you were there.

I hope we will always have the pillow talk even though there was no pillow but your folded jacket acting pillow. The moment you told me about the things you wanted me to know and I told you stories that made you laugh…. The moments we drank too much coffee on an empty stomach and your ulcers started acting up. I didn’t even know you had ulcers! The talks that was powered by coffee, whiskey and crappy food. 

I hope we will always have the background music that You managed to have a song for every mood. Who does that? and I swear everything felt way better with the right music,  even something as mundane as a shower. You even had lullaby for the nights I couldn’t fall asleep. That one night that i was so anxious about the next day and you saved the day with just music. I thought you had sleeping pills or something to cover, I didn’t know music could cut it. Imagine my surprise when i woke up the next day and realized all it took was the right music and your soothing voice to send me to slumber land. I slept like a baby without the screaming in the middle of the night part of course. 

I hope we will always have the conversations we had. The ones we talked about religion, Donald Trump, magick, metaphysics, atoms, your favorite childhood memories and the silence in between. It was peaceful and mind blowing at the same time. 

I hope we will always have Nakuru, especial that day we went hiking and I was on heels  but boi i had fun even though it almost killed me. The blisters was my worse nightmare, acha tu. You almost ruined hiking and walking for me, for life and it seem like the only that I enjoy off late.  I had a good time. It was perfect even though my feet did hurt and I was tired the next day. And now I almost did hate hiking or something like that.

I hope we will always have Nakuru. The sunsets, the stars, the clouds, and the photography. Staying up all night watching, listening while waiting for the town went to go to sleep. How beautiful it was lookin at the city lights shining just while the world slowly shifted until everything was quite except the night and her children. How the nightlife slowly came to life while the day hassles dissolved. It was beautiful. 

I think you are my favorite thing about Nakuru, for now. So I hope you will cherish those moments. Good things have happened to me in Nakuru but you happened to be among my favorites. For a moment I felt peace and that’s the kind of thing you don’t go looking for, it just finds you. You settled my unsettles and it felt good. 

If I can’t have anything else, I hope I will always have Nakuru and all the things we experienced. 


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