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To The One I Want To Have Forever With

I never thought I would ever want to have forever with any one, then you walked by and I totally changed my mind. How we met and how we came to be is a long story. Story for another day. When you finally write that memoir you have been intending to, I will get your version of how we got here. That’s if you will ever write. Or maybe you won’t. Maybe one night you will be holding our little girl/boy, telling them stories of the good old days, trying to get them to sleep.  Maybe then I will get go hear your version of ‘How I met Your Mother’. I imagine I will be standing on the door, mushy face watching how you two look adorable in his/her room that we painted pink BC that’s how babies room should be. Right that’s instance I will forgive you for that one time in 2016 when you made me stay up all night for a reason I don’t remember, obviously. 

I want to have forever with you, not because you complete me but because you make me want to complete myself. Though there’s a chance you complete me, but that would be me saying I’m incomplete without you. I like to think of myself as complete or you make me think I’m complete. I want to have forever with you because you get me. You just get me in a weird twisted kind of way. I mean we fight and stuff….. But we also like making up, either way. 

I want to walk my adult life with you by my side. Not just the marriage bit or anything. I want to do it all with you. 


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