Apologies to myself for always beating myself up.Im sorry self for always cursing when things don’t go our way.For pounding our liver with pint after pint of liquor in an effort to drown God knows what sorrows I think I have .For giving you some wicked endurance exercises just to stroke an ego the size of a peanut.

Apologies to my parents.You brought up a fine young man.He on the other hand decided to just earn a masters in fucking shit up.He quite good at it though.Gave you sleepless nights and lots of stress .I apologize .I may never change but atleast it eats me inside. My cross.

Apologies to my exes .If I hurt any of you I’m sorry.Ah who am I kidding I hurt all of you.I’m a douche what can I say.Good thing some of you deserved it so I tend to sleep well at night and for those who didn’t well love is war and with war there is collateral damage so suck it up and go on get a life .

Apologies to my so called friends.Well you my friends so whatever shit iI come with you bound to encounter.So I’m just sorry for keeping my shit on a short leash .For holding on to my thoughts and other shit.In short I’m sorry for not giving you hell because most of you would have turned tail and run like bitches.

I apologize for wearing your eyes out as you read this piece because whilst I mean every word here you sorry excuse of a human being may never relate. These seem like words to you but to me this is just life in a nutshell.


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