Dear santa

Hey christmass .welcome you sexy son of a bitch .Been a while.Hows Santa? That fool owes me coz I’ve been good.So tell why you come so cold and expect us to warm our hearts in your spirit .The irony is that when we supposed to be all warm is the coldest season .

Tell me why you was such a big deal when I was young ? Things have changed .Don’t get me wrong its not you its me.You still do your annual thing and spread cheer all around the world. As for me I grew colder and colder ,bet my heart has a few snow flakes stowing in my blood.Hey christmass you used to be the best holiday nowadays you just a day .Growing up will do that to you trust me.

Why don’t I share the cheer? Why do I feel all empty and keep on hating people the more they talk about you? Well I try to search within me but what am I ? A bottomless pit of broken dreams and promises .incomplete , too broken to be mended .My life wouldn’t even pass for comedy its just a sick horror movie.

Oh I digress .was just writing to ask Santa with a 50 calibre rifle because you know deer hunting is my thing these days ha!


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