Ever met these people who only view you as a means to get things done. Who get what they want from you then split the moment they satisfied?  Those social leeches who drain you for your resources and move on swiftly when you no longer of use. Well i have. 

They come to you in the name of friendship and others come in the name of spouses. In the long run they leave you either ruined or full of regret. Human beings who prey on your humanity and kindness. Keep you like a pet and put you down like a wounded horse once you have served your purpose. 

There should be a special corner in hell for such people for them to just burn and remember what kind of scum they are. The fire in their corner should be hotter and VIP torture techniques should be used.

Well I’m no saint either I’m just stating the obvious here. If I deserve the same fate well so be it. Fair is fair right?


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