​My Genius 2017 Survival Tricks 

This is how I plan to survive 2017

  1. One nap at a time. 
  2.  One cup of coffee at a time 
  3. One project at a time. 
  4. One movie at a time. 
  5. One blog post at a time. 
  6. One poem at a time. 
  7.  One book at a time. 
  8.  One balance meal a day.
  9. learn one skill at a time 
  10.  One lover for a lifetime. 
  11. One sip at a time. 

Basically, my genius plan, is to slow down. stop and stare. 
My Genius 2017 No Mores

1. No more trying to be Supergirl

2. No more trying to do several projects at once. 
I will stop, I will stare. 

I plan on living more and worrying less. 


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