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Short Hair Is The Way To Go

On the thing about being a broke jobless twenty something, I decided to keep my hair short. I would like to lie to you and say it’s a fashion statement or i look good in short hair, you might call me on the bullshit. My hair is short because it’s low maintenance, if you know me, I’m big on cheap. Cheap thrills, they say. 
After many years of rejecting her advice, I think my highschool headmistress was right about one thing; SHORT HAIR. That mama forced us to keep our hair short all through high school, the teenager in me thought that was unfair. It did make us look like boys and my late bloom didn’t do much to help. I had a flat chest, no hips,and no noticeable ass. The short hair look didn’t help, so I look liked a homeless lesbian in school uniform. My dad said that I had a figure of a post. And being tall with big ears didn’t help much. I rocked my akward looks with confidence, so it seemed cool. I was a cool girl, after all. 
Its ironic how the semi adult in me, after years of rejecting everything Maimuna(that was her nickname) said, that I finally found something we both agree on. No one likes to admit that their highschool teacher or anyone was ever right in whatever they said. I don’t like this admission either,  but, here we are! She was right all along, after all. 

After shedding most of my teenage awkward look. I use most because I kept the ears and height, I finally look good ish in short hair. But looks like I didnt shade most of that teenage awkwardness, I got me some disastrous highlight on. So basically, my short hair looks like that of a not so homeless lesbian. I like to think that the only fashion statement am pulling these days is representing homeless lesbians. It’s not my fault,my hair stylist attempted to salvage my already short hair with some highlight and that shit backfired. So, the fashion statement I’m currently making is “homeless lesbian “. I should really consider changing my hairstylist or something. I don’t hate the sunny gold colour my hair. I love it. just that no one takes anyone serious who walks around with blazing gold fire head. Now more than ever, I need someone to take me serious. After all, job hunting is a full-time employment. But allegedly, my stylist is the best in town. So, I’m stuck with that one, probably consider dying it black and see how it goes. I should go to the salon soon, I really should, instead of ranting about it here. 
And I should listen to my mom often. She has better hair ideas than the ones I come up with. 


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