To His Next Girlfriend

I don’t know if I should start with hello or just get to the point? We are not friends and we haven’t had the pleasure to be acquainted.  I just know yoexist like you know I exist. You started following me on Instagram. I don’t know what you thought you would find, or were you trying to see if you are prettier?  Bummer! I’m just a girl and who ain’t your competition. Just a girl from a small town, sometimes she plays with words. A self proclaim poetess who has more words than rhymes. 

Anyway, I just want you to know a few things. I will call him once in a While. It’s not because I want him back. He is the Superman to my Lois, we might not be together but we need each to survive. Sometimes I will be calling him everyday, sometimes months apart or even years apart. It’s because when things get rough he is my Knight. And he will call me too, and I hope my next gets to know this too. We broke up because we were toxic for each other. Broken glasses, careless words thrown around and my god, we loved fighting because we did enjoy making up. 

Your role as his girlfriend is to clean up the mess I left behind. Pick up the pieces and put them right back where they belong. There’s broken glass in the corners of his bedroom, evidence of our love, please start by sweeping the floor. The stains of lipstick in all his shirts, I lived for marking territory. You will find lots of lipstick stains around the house; his clothes, towels, and a bunch of things that I don’t remember staining, clean that up too. You deserve a fresh start. I also left a few personal things here and there, don’t be afraid to get rid of them. You deserve a fresh start. There’s a file in his computer with my name on it, you should delete that too. It’s too much work I know, but you can’t live with the ghost of me. So girl, clean up. You already got to live with my popping in and out of his life whenever I choose. 

It’s unfortunate I left him so broken, he did a number on me too. You won’t understand the depth of our scars and love was and is more twisted. When things get hard, when he stops trusting you or whatever. Feel free to put the blame on me. I’m the reason he became so hardened, he was whole when I met him, I swear. I was broken and he started fixing me, you can’t do that without a little bleeding. He bled more than little though. Our relationship wasn’t like other relationships, it was something else. Where was I? Ooh I was telling you to blame me if things don’t work out. Blame it on the self proclaimed poetess you followed on Instagram. 

He badly wants babies, a family and such. I hope you will be the woman who gives him all that. He will make a great dad. I have watched him with kids and he is great. He will probably spoil them a little. Don’t be afraid to mother his children. In other words, don’t pull a Riri. I was scared and afraid of children, marriage and all that. No assurance under the sun made me want to walk down the isle for him. He wanted to make a honourable woman out of me and what did I do? I ran away.

And he is not all awesome though. He ain’t a perfect, the wrapping is pretty though. He goes mute when angry. He walks away when pissed. He hates confrontations, especially that. He hates being questioned, in whatever you do, don’t question his choices. He hates that, but he will tell you about those that matter, especially the ones that affect you both. He is a very private person, I hope you have the patience only vultures were endowed. You will need a lot of that. He has other weaknesses too but there’s only one way to find out, go all the way girl.

Take care of him for me. If I can’t love him, I want him to be loved. If I can’t have him, at least someone else should. Take care of him. Love him to the moon and back. Everyone deserves love, even the most broken. Love him tenderly and fiercely. He deserves that.


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