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One Year Blogging Anniversary

I’m not internet famous or I didn’t get a million views nor a nomination for the infamous SOMA awards. No, but I’m just excited Today is my first year anniversary since I started my blog, and became the clichéd blogger. I like blogging because bloggers are not trying to sell you anything, just another public diary. Sometimes our rants saves the day, sometimes it just makes someone laugh or not feel alone. 

One year down the line, and have made some good friends online, some from the blogging community and others from my readers. I appreciate the support I got from my readers and fellow bloggers. I even found my tribe here, and I couldn’t ask for more. 

I am really glad I started blogging. Even more glad I didn’t give up on the way. I got a chance to express my opinion, tell my story and live my truth. Some moments, when am caught in the heat of writing, I got a chance to discover parts of me I didn’t even know existed. It’s been an interesting journey and I would love to have many more! 

Here’s another chance, around the sun, to blog, spew words, bleed words and finding growth in words. Another chance to rant, rage and dabble. Mostly, am just dabbling. 

Let’s see what 2017 got for us, shall we? I hope we get that SOMA award nomination this year, don’t you think? 



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