Rest In Peace My Love

“You picked the right time to leave me.”

I don’t know what to feel anymore. I thought our relationship was rock solid. That nothing under the sun would come between us. That my love for you was enough to keep us together. Some times love just ain’t enough. I didn’t know that each passing day would bring us closer to the end. You should have warned me. You should have given me a sign that eventually, you won’t be mine. 
I would like to apologise for all those times I hurt you. All those times I over used you. I was suppose to protect you, I know. I was suppose to be nice to you all the time. I was suppose to be your lover, protector and guardian. I was suppose to be there for you all the time without using you, without making you stay up all night. I should have let you rest more often. 

The thing is good things don’t end, they end badly. 

I should have bought you a protector, my dear phone. I should have been a careful handler. sorry for all the times you fell and got a dent. Sorry for over charging you. Sorry for staying up all night instead of sleeping. Sorry for abusing you and using you all the time in the name of love. 

But I’m not all to blame. You should have given me a sign that things are bad. Shut down a few times just to scare me. Refuse to power up to get my attention. Stop for a while or something. But you didn’t, you took the hits. You took the abuse. You stayed loyal, until now. You just shut down. I will miss you. You were the best thing that happened to me. Good camera, impeccable speed and you never once failed me. I will forever be grateful, you are probably the best lover I ever had. Now it’s your time to go, REST IN PEACE MY LOVE. 
I want you to know, that you really did break my heart in the end. 



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