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The day I met BIKO ZULU, I found god. I started believing in the divine again. And just so you know I haven’ met him physically. I met him through his blog posts and i love what am seeing. My therapist thinks it has everything to do with my unending daddy’s issues since the guy is closer to 40 than he is to 30.what do i know? He had me at his blogging

The guy could be writing about Italian shoes or the beauty of Kericho our mother land and he still blows my mind. I think I love him  because he has mastered his craft. Anyone who gets to master their craft makes them so damn attractive. They glow better than the shiniest diamonds, the prettiest pearls and the brightest stars. It is a force to reckon. Mastering a single craft is like an alchemist finally filtering gold from iron. You  walk around with some ‘swag’ like you know some secret of the universe no one else seem to have. it is beautiful. It is divine. It is so damn inspiring. You glow the way all things pure and all things divine do.It is so goddamn god like.

Someday I would like to be that good. Find my inner alchemist. Find my goddess self. My lover calls it; finding your tempo. Finding your song and it is so darn divine. It has some spirituality touch. IT IS LIKE DANCING WITH THE GODS.





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