She will be turning 15 in June. I compiled a list of things I want her to know about being a woman, growing up, sisterhood and all femininity. Besides, that is what big sisters are for.I learned the hard way so she doesn’t have to. Though I am sure some f these lessons she has to walk the mile to actually get it.

  1. You only have one chance of having a soul sister. You will find sisterhood probably  a couple of times;in high-school, in campus and thereafter. But you only got one chance in having a soul sister. A best friend. Your person. Your to go person. Your rock. Your anchor. When you meet this special woman, the Ann to your Leslie. Pay the price and keep her. You will need her to survive. You will need her in your highest, lowest and other moments. You are lucky if you already have her, let your journey to forever begin. A platonic deep relationship with another woman is better than your greatest love story. When you come of age, you will appreciate his part bout being a woman.
  2. Y

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