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In a society facilitated by men,I just want to be a woman. Don’t corrupt my feminine space with masculine energy. I am a woman and that is enough. I deserve to be worshiped,to be pursued. To be taken care of. To be protected. To be loved. I don’t want to be the cliche Miss independent. I need to be owned. To belong. I just want to be a woman. To nurture.To make a home. To Queen. To seduce. To be a goddess. I am confident enough to know that as much as the patriarch is facilitated by men their universe revolves around the feminine.

An awaken woman is not one who wants to be like a man. An awaken woman is one who embraces femininity. She knows it is her role to be a woman. To heal. To nurture. To take care of humanity. To be a helper. To provide space for the masculine to work. To motivate and be the force that pushes forward the masculine. To be sensual. To give the masculine reason to live on. To make him confident enough to take on the world with one hand as long as she is holding the other. To make him think of how he is going to please when he is not with her because that is the feminine space she created. To build an empire together because it is so much better than a kingdom or a queendom. To be his empress, his queen, his goddess. To be a woman, nothing but female.

I want to be a woman, sway my hips under the full moon and let him howl and pursue me. Let him be the wolf while am the she-wolf. Let him be the he Alpha and I the she alpha. Let him be the predator and I the prey. Let him dominate while I submit. There is power in surrender and in the right arms it is very safe to surrender. It is not a weakness to be dominated but strength  To give someone the ultimate power over you is liberating. My view of femininity is skewed to surrender and I don’t apologize.

In the game of chess the Queen main role is to protect the King while The king is to protect the empire. Command his subjects to war. Why is it so bad when all I want to do be a Queen. while he runs the our empire I run his life. That is how it works. Whilethe whole world bows for him and he bows for me. A king should only bow to his king while his subjects bows before him.

Being a woman is about lying on his right hand while his left hand is between my breasts just the way I like it. It is forehead kisses and protective back hugs when you not looking. It is about preparing his favorite meal four times a week and rubbing his back. It is about spoiling your man and he spoiling you. It is about manicured nails while his stay rough. It is about learning to work with knives while he masters the sword. It is about trusting your man enough to lead you home. It is about letting him build a house and you making it a home.It is about burning incest while he burns gas.

Masculine energy is about the big picture while feminine is about the fine details. I imagine what you can create when the two come together and build something? Let him pay rent and she groceries. Let him buy the car and she get the rosary or whatever to make the car homey. Let him till the lands and she work on the gardens. Let him handle the goals of the business and she the objectives. Let him handle bigwig client meetings and her the board and staff. Let him take the business international while she perfects the ground work. It is beautiful when we let everyone play their role, capitalize on our strengths instead of learning to improve our weaknesses when we can have someone do it.

I don’t want to be independent I just want to be a woman. I know my strengths and weaknesses are necessary for an empire. I don’t think encroaching on the masculine and trying to be a man is moving forward but backward thinking.

If you are a woman out there trying to be a man please stop. I can’t help you though. I hope you realize thinking like a woman is the only thinking you should be doing. I hope you someday realize these and start embracing your femininity instead of fighting it. There is power in being a woman that is why the whole damn world rebvolves around us.









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