To The Girl Who Got her Heart Broken (from my heart to yours)

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I wrote this for you and only you can understand. Has anyone ever played with your love? Then this is for you. It might have happened recently or eons ago but you still feel the throb, it aches Like it happened just yesterday. Maybe you have “moved on”. But your heart is still stuck. Maybe you are still single and every night you go to bed their side of the bed remains cold. Maybe you are going on dates because that’s what your BFF thinks it’s the right thing to do. She is just trying to help you know.

He didn’t play with your body,he didn’t play with your heart,he didn’t play with your emotions because those can be fixed. A broken heart can heal,we can get over feelings, our bodies can forget those who used it roughly. He did the most unforgivable and most painful of all, played with…

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