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If you have ever tried to reach someone on phone and you realize their phone is off. According to someone someone you don’t need to keep trying to reach them. 

Q. How do you handle ‘an off phone’ situation?

A. You don’t keep calling 

Q. Where is that coming from?

A. I was just getting the,”keep calling” approach out of the way.

Q. What if I keep calling?

A. What if ostriches could fly?

Q. You can’t answer a question with a question.

A. Is that a question?I mean you posing a statement. Should I have an answer for a statement too?

Q. Yes and No.

A. No.

Q. What?

A. As I was saying, calling an already off phone is obviously pointless.

Q. So what is the alternative?

A. There is this new thing in town called texting. You should try it sometime.
Q. What if I keep trying until they come back on so I could whine about their phone being off?

A. I think it’s a waste of time . 

Q. The whine or calling?

A. You are hopeless.

Q. You think am stupid.

A. Yes and no. It depends who is asking 

Q. I’m asking. 

A. Yes.

Q.why would someone switch off their phone?

A. It could be they didn’t, it could be they did. Who knows. It’s their phone 

Q. Why do you switch off your phone?

A. I don’t. But the right answer, should be, because it’s my phone.

Q. Is it because you don’t want to be found?

A. That could be a possibility. But usually if I don’t want a specific someone to find me I don’t switch off. I outright hang up on them.

Q. Don’t you think thats a little rude?

A. It’s called being real.

Q. Even when it’s rude?

A. I’m courteous. Before i say,”fuck you” I use please. I was raised r right. 

Q. Hahaha.  I see . You were raised in a right barn.

A. Hahaha…yes. The barn.

PS. Honestly, this guide should be used in all,’off phone ‘ situation.


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