Conversations with You 

Conversations With You
When will you get back to writing? 
I have missed reading your work  
I have missed bleeding words too. 
Why don’t you write? 
Because what? 
You should get back to writing. 
I will try, maybe tukifika Canaan tutajaribu.  
Unaenda Canaan Pia? Me ntabaki in the land of alcohol and bills…..
They serve milk and honey in Canaan, you will miss that. 
Umesoma Joshua 5:12?
Hahaha…. Sijui nimeskia watu wakisema Sema. Wenye wanaenda Canaan for real ndo wanajua, you know.
Tungoje tuskie hyo verse kutoka kwa Joshua then. 
Hahaha.. Very funny.
You laugh at lame jokes because you just trying to be nice 
No, I laugh because you are cute when you try to be funny. And ka hujui Joshua 5:12 Hakuna penye unaenda. 
It’s the ticket or secret word or something. 
I digress. 
So, get back to writing. 
Make me…. 
I don’t know. 
Okay, I will figure something..
No. No. No.  I will get back to Writing by myself. you are full of bad ideas, ideas that involve lots of drinking and a killer hangover. Always. 
The best kind of ideas, I know, right? 
You are hopeless. Alcohol is your solution to literally everything!
You know me so well. Let’s drink to that.  There is a keg bar around the corner. 
I’m sold. 
Not so fast Missy, you are buying. 
Hahaha…. I think I will pass.
No,  kidding, you are buying I will make myself useful by ordering. 
Pass! If you like alcohol so much, why don’t you pay for it? 
I do, when solving my own problems.  Lemme educate you on all things alcohol :Alcohol solves all problems, but there are rules also, you have to pay for it if you are the one with the problem.  Also alcohol is always the answer, it mixes well with literally everything but good decisions, remember that. 
Consider me schooled. 
So, let’s go. 
I can’t afford alcohol or therapy so how about some cheap options like tea and books? 
Not coffee and books? 
We kinda broke up or we not talking to each other.  I mean coffee. Not books. I can’t break up with books. 
I don’t like tea. 
You will love my lemon tea. 
Okay, am sold.  But next time, Ww doing it my way. 
I hope not. 
Buzz kill. 
You are welcome. 
(excerpt from the book I will never write- good conversations)


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