Coffin Maker


Gather your tools, coffin maker

Buy a ton of nails and a bale of cotton

Grease the chain saw for we shall slaughter trees

Make comfy, scented and studded coffins if possible

Peak is coming, the demand of coffins shall surpass the supply

The smell of the dead will dance in the air

The flies will camp on the dead bodies

Worms will fight for the fresh corpse

Vultures will feed on the rotten meat

Caterpillars will hatch on the dead’s blocked nostrils

The undertaker will reign and resign

He will not stand the seduction from the pretty dead ladies

He will not stand the bullying from the muscular dead men

He will not stand the innocence of the little dead kids

He will not stand the cries of the half dead people he will have to kill

The coffin maker, we are waiting for their commands

We are worshippers of men, remember?

They will spit venom and we shall swallow it smoothly

They will buy us machetes to kill our neighbors

They shall pay us to light our “Vibandas” in their demonstrations

The coffin maker, make more coffins we are approaching peak

We shall bleach their faces with battery acids

We shall evict different tribes from our village

We shall kill everyone who didn’t support our politician

We shall carry their heads in town as we sing and chant victory slogans

Coffin maker, after you have sold the coffins

The accelerators of the violence will disappear

They shall fly to abroad, and our roads to success will be cursed

They shall pay casinos and whores with what they took from us

I bet before the coffin maker makes the first coffin we will have learnt

That humanity was there before politics

That political differences should never call for clashes

We may have different tribes but same blood type

And peace will help us fix our broken pieces

©2017, #ItutorPoetry


The Brutal Rape Of Africa 


Seeing that Africa was young and endowed with treasures,

There came many kings seeking to lure her and dominate her.

And Africa, much to their disappointment rejected all of them,

But the kings went and took counsel how they might put down Africa.

Behold, with deceitful pretenses, they seized Africa and raped her –


The king of the tribe of the British,

The king of the tribe the Dutch,

The king of the tribe of the Spanish,

The king of the tribe of the French,

And the king of the tribe of the Belgians –


Each king holding each limb, they took turns and raped Africa.

And in those days Africa was barely a teen.

She lay on the ground in pain and agony.

Her blood flowed through the gold mines of South Africa and the Gold Coast,

Through the diamond and copper mines of Sierra Leone and the Congo,


Through the rubber plantations of Liberia,

And finally through the uranium mines of the Niger.

Vagabonds, did Africa produce as offsprings.

And I saw an old queen wearing a gold crown stolen from none but Africa.

Suddenly there came a loud voice from Abyssinia saying:


‘We shall wipe her tears and we shall restore Africa to her people.’

And after the voice, I saw Africa anew, adorned as a bride

For her groom – for her people.

The old Africa is long gone – this is a new Africa!

And I saw her people embrace her – and there was no more war nor strife nor

Disease nor ignorance nor even revenge in her heart.


©2015. Tawia Tsekumah.



My Daughter

From the best lilies pure and white, God fashioned your lovely skin
He took snow, picked black for your momma’s skin color and chose the eyes
A softer, sweeter mouth that carries the golden smile to light our days was made
He picked the best rose flower, pink and sweet and touched it to your dimpled cheeks
He curled and shaped your little ears
He gathered pollen from the flowers and sprinkled them on your skin to spice your skin color
You are a precious little angel, with sweetness from above who fills our years with laughter
My daughter when you are grown,
Don’t go looking for men to buy you Mac Lipsticks, serve yourself with coffee and work on driving a Merc
Don’t hold your lips in or make them thin because beauty is not a shape but a mind set
You should always know that the world will desire you if only you desired yourself
Always have in mind that craziness ranges from art to misplaced grammar and drama and that brings out creativity
You should always know that taking nudes will not win hearts but will only create feuds with your inner self
My daughter when you are grown, don’t go crying for an imperfect nose because the nose isn’t meant to be beautiful but to breath
My daughter when you are grown, take honey for a complement for your momma was a bee and she taught you to make sweet nice honey
My daughter when you are grown, never fear pressure, take it with your stretched hands for pressure makes diamonds and shine your way all to the top
My daughter when you are grown, and the opportunities are scarce just take the odds and they will always add to an even
My daughter when you are grown, always remember the spiders are computer illiterate but they are the best web designers, meaning no one should undermine you
Make yourself a productive field for your husband and let him treasure you like the gold mines in Congo
Never rush to make decisions but always sit back and use your Ubongo
My daughter when you are grown never fight for the obvious but make the sacred obvious
Value your boyfriend but don’t let him stretch your legs if you are not willing, always remember that everything has got some damn consequences
Never get deceived by careers, follow your heart because many are doctors whose wives are patient but they never take them for a treat
Don’t dream for a honey moon in Rome but always dream of getting a home for yourself
My daughter when you are grown, don’t let people love you for your hips but what’s between your ears
My daughter you should never be bitter because we never made it in life, remember you are the flavor to make our life sweeter
©2017, #ItutorPoetry

What I Think Monogamy Is About 

Disclaimer 1: This is my opinion and not the absolute truth but the truth as I see it. It’s what most people call opinion.
Disclaimer 2: My truth was realized through personal experiences, stories i collected from friends and strangers. 

The entire concept of Monogamous relationships is based on; one man one woman or one woman one woman or one man one man ratio. It’s believed that parties involved have romantic relations with their partners and only their partners. It’s frowned upon if anyone involved gets involved romantically with someone else. That’s what they call cheating. People in Monogamous relationships are expected to go through life with one person for life. Crazy,right? People are crazy. 


Here is unedited opinion of what monogamy is about from a girl fro.a very small town and how she thinks it works:

  1.  If you don’t get caught then You didn’t do it. If you asked you can deny deny deny. You are allowed to do what may upset your partner as long as you don’t get caught.
  2. Cheating doesn’t necessarily involved an affair. Sometimes it’s watching”our show”  without your partner or going for an adventure you had planned together without them. Sometimes harmless flirting can be viewed as cheating. Having a minor attraction towards a stranger might be viewed as betrayal.Deleting personal emails and messages might cause suspicion. Just to mention a few forms of cheating. Sometimes it’s actually having an affair. Basically, it involves a lot of half truths. killing your truth so you don’t upset your partner and avoid conflict as much as possible.
  3. It’s about compromise. Like preparing both coffee and tea because your partner prefers tea with two spoons of sugar for breakfast and you can’t survive without your morning coffee. It’s about waking up for morning Glory when you would rather really sleep. Showing up with sweatpants and heels on your date night because you promised you will show up though you don’t feel like dressing up and it’s about them letting you because they understand that sometimes you feel not so human. It’s About”running for Mau marathon” because they scored free tickets and you can’t let them down because of the effort they input to get those tickets even though you would rather do TV  shows Marathon. 
  4. It is about pretending you like your anniversary gift. Even though you wish you could switch gifts and everyone to keep what they got the other.
  5. Staying on phone to have a conversation when one of you skips town and talk about stuff. Sometimes you have to set an alarm when you are in different time zones for that ten minutes phonecall. 
  6. Showering together not because it’s romantic or You have turned into some environment enthusiast where you both are saving water or something as cool but because no one likes showering in a used bathroom.
  7. It’s about sharing friends..ghaaa… That leaves a bad taste in my mouth though it happens. You get to hangout together so much that you start sharing friends. Which comes with a lot of;she said,he said scenarios mord often than you care to admit. you somehow find a way to work around that. When you break one of you will keep the friends,messy! I know.
  8. Sometimes your partner becomes the center of your world. They become your cheerleader. They play on your team. They play for keeps. They pick you up. They take care of you when you sick. Basically, they become your person and you even forget how your life used to be without them. 
  9. It’s about building a life together and planning a future together. Compromising and sacrificing even tailoring your dreams and plans to suit each other 
  10. It is about finding a way of respecting personal space. Being careful not to neglect their needs and not crowding them too much to suffocate them. It’s tough,i know. But a healthy relationship needs balance of energies .
  11. It’s about open communication. Communicating is key. Talking about stuff might help. I used to do bikini wax once I was home for holidays and I didn’t shave. When i got back I was panicking because i hadn’t taken care of my flower for a while. When we were at it he said he could feel my pubes. I was scared and insecure the entire time. The next day I shaved. Apparently he liked my pubes but I was so used to shaving. I would have saved my soul trouble of shaving with a simple communication. Dammit! 

PS. My journey on understanding human relationships continue. You can email, comment or share. Tell me your thoughts. I like hearing from you.

MONARCH,Killing My God


For the forgotten, thanks for the memories.
For Maria, whether you know it or not, this story is because of you. Grazie mille.

I’ve walked this road for hours

To the white hills and the oceans

I search for solace in this toxic land of sin

asking alexandria, dear insanity  
I shave, sir. I have a driver’s license, I have won a couple of fist fights; I saved a life, I’ve lain with a woman, I’ve been hustled at pool, I’ve defied my father’s wishes, I have broken hearts and I have been heartbroken, so by all the markers of this society, I am a grown man

dr. clark edison, bones season 3 episode 13,

“My memory,” I replied, “is perfect. I remember everything from when I first had the consciousness to understand that this was recollection. I cannot remember being born; perhaps the brain is simply not developed enough to understand the event. But I remember dying. I remember the moment when it stops.”
Claire North, The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August 


Birth isn’t just one thing, never just one moment. No, I refuse to believe anything else, ignore everything contrary. Birth is a process, a state of being, a transition from one thing to another. Now that, that is an idea I can get behind. We don’t get born, we become.

My earliest memory was of my birth, of my becoming, my startling transition from before to after. I woke up to noise and pollution. People were staring, pointing, taking pictures. It goes without saying, I was born famous. My first impression of the world around me was of filth. 

The way I hear it told, I was born a king, a child offered to the skies by a heap of rubbish and other similar discarded toys, like me, broken, unwanted. They held me up proudly, exposed to the world beneath us, the world that had so callously discarded us. I didn’t mind then. It didn’t occur to me to mind anything then.

My clothes were tattered, torn in different places, whether by accident or by design I don’t remember. I remember blood, blotches of red and pink against my tattered shirt. Every joint in my body ached, making any slight movement torture. As such, I couldn’t really investigate the extent of the damage to my person. The flies buzzed all over me, a slight nuisance over the deafening morbid curiosity of the throng gathered to witness my coronation. I moved, sitting upright and they gasped, matching the stab of pain that ran through my body. For a long extended moment, I said nothing, and neither did they. We remained in an impasse, them staring at me while I looked back, unblinking, unaware.

It took a while but finally somebody broke through the crowd. She was clothed in white, head to toe, her hair covered. The ground beneath her feet seemed tainted by her very presence, not that she seemed to mind. She got close enough to me and offered her hand. In response, I stared back at her, incomprehensive. I tilted my head to the side, an unconscious gesture. In response she opened her mouth and said something, I don’t remember what. A part of me was pretty sure I should understand her, get what she was saying yet for some reason I didn’t. I tilted my head some more and she smiled in reply, her hand still outstretched towards me.

I don’t remember what prompted me to stand up, or whatever made me think it was a good idea to begin with. Maybe it was her smile, brilliant and inviting. Maybe it was the crowd beneath us, staring, their silence screaming at me. I don’t suppose it matters what it was. I was on my feet before I knew what it was I was doing, before I fully understood the consequences of my own actions. I stood for a fraction of a second before teetering over. One moment the ground, my kindred souls among them, was rushing towards me, the next I was in her arms. The last thing I remembered before passing out was how unfortunate it was her clothes were no longer white.

I woke up for the second time in my life in yet another strange environment.  The rooms were white; clean to the point I could swear I saw my reflection on it. I was lying on something soft and comfortable, the most comfort I had felt in my young life as it was. I looked around, my eyes still heavy from something I am sure they had given me. I had no point of comparison so I couldn’t be certain how big the room was. There was a chair beside the bed. The woman from the before was seated there, book in hand (yes, I knew what a book was), attention completely held by it. She looked up the moment I twitched, her book forgotten. There was worry and concern in her face, and for a moment another image threatened to superimpose itself on hers. Only for a moment. 

“Are you okay?” 

This time I heard her speak. I understood her, every word she was saying. I didn’t have a threshold on which to gauge what okay felt like so I nodded. I was better than I had been before.

“The doctors said you fainted because you hadn’t eaten for days. Do you remember what happened?”

I tried. I swear to God I tried. Memory is easy. All you have to do is close your eyes and it all comes rushing in. All I got was a headache. I let out a groan as I shook my head.

“I am sorry but I have to ask. Your name. Do you know your name?”

This time the headache sent me spiralling back into the darkness.
I dreamt. I know I dreamt but what it was I don’t remember, not even now. I know it was important though because the headaches follow every time I try to remember. I woke up to the sound of a camera shutter going off. She isn’t there. I know even before I open my eyes and it scares me. For a moment I can’t breathe, I am gasping for breath, clawing against the constraints of my hospital gown. The machine I am hooked on starts going crazy and for a moment I am sure I am going to die. For a moment I remember. Just for a moment and then it is gone.  

She swept into the room like an avenging angel. She saw me first, thrashing on my bed. Even in my state I could see the agony etched on her face. Ignoring the intruder she heads towards me, her hand finding mine and all is well again.  

 The camera shutters, more rapid now, are in the background like white noise. My brain registers it, barely like an echo, unimportant, irrelevant. Then she stands up, turning away from me. 

“You are going to hand me that camera and you are going to leave. Now.”

Her voice is calm, soft even.


​Take your time sweetling, I got a loose wandering soul in search of a fellow… 
Pardon my demons for admiring a precious one like you…

I should have a verbal chat with you maybe sharing a common table together, under the sun…till we’re illuminated by the moon…as we watch the stars glow…. And our closeness grow, I am your friend for now…. 

Will you lay some L to E foundation?…. As I am for the construction…..


Judging from facial expressions we have invented an emoji

Misarranged teeth, cracked lips and a smile drawn like a G

Inside our vests and bras we are generating tons of happiness

We are proud of you

(Ngai akurathime)
We can tell that those who make it are few

This is great you just made it like the morning dew

As an eagle you flew

High above the limits

(Ngai akurathime)
I was to sing 

But I couldn’t get the best song even in Bing

In my mind a story has cling

A story of a girl who flew faster than her wings

(Ngai akurathime)
It all started in pre-school

She was never cool with school

But she needed to learn the vowels and spell the word fool

She thought the spelling was full but the teacher always corrected her to fool

She was taught about words with different meanings like stool

And for survival education was a basic tool

(Ngai akurathime)
Lower classes was next

A running nose and hunting for birds’ nests

Always thought the sun had a bedroom in the west

Just because the teacher had said that the sun sets in the west

But she still managed to be the best

(Ngai akurathime)
Class four and the upper classes

Some teachers complained that she was making faces

The boys too were giving her a chase

Hips and breasts were developing and she was experiencing a race

A race between adolescence and academics

Academics made it in a faster pace

(Ngai akurathime)
In high school

She thought of getting born again during the weekend challenges

Slept during the preps, hated teachers and school too

Received letters from boys from the neighboring schools

Envied girls who had lost their virginity

She still made it

(Ngai akurathime)
Joined Campus

She thought everyone has to pass

She never read for the CATS

She had thoughts of cheating in the exams

She missed a Supplementary by whiskers

(Ngai akurathime)
She broke bottles and also hearts

Turned off her crush with a cup of coffee

Got sex advances, drank to blackout

But God is great she still made it

(Ngai akurathime)
(Ngai akurathime)

Agikuyu sentence meaning

God bless you

And that girl is Daisy Riri

PS. A poem from my poet lover on my graduation. It has so much truth in it. Thanks