This Is Why You Should Stop Cooking Mchele Njeri


Mchele Njeri is that combo we sometimes do when we are too lazy to cook, a combo of rice and beans in one pot. How about that?

So, why is it a bad idea yet we say cereals and legumes are perfect.

Rice contains a compound called phytates(a complex compound) that binds with the iron in beans. This reduces the absorption of dietary iron, in the long run.

As much as the iron in beans is less bioavailable, the phytates in rice lowers absorption some more.

I’m not saying eating rice and beans is a problem, it’s actually healthy. Ensure you cook them separately, that’s my point.

PS. Sometimes the problem ain’t food choices but cooking method. Be careful how you prepare your food.

PS. The aim is to prepare food to obtain maximum nutrient, seeing that we are from Africa and Africa needs to be fed.

Until next time friends!