Seduce Me 

Seduce me. 

I don’t mind the cliche romance we see on TV, my god, am a sucker for slow walks under the moon and chasing setting sunsets. The reason they are cliches is coz they work!  

I am sucker when it comes to silly games by the beach and getting high by the beach, scratch that last part, I like getting high anywhere.

I am a sucker for efforts! 

A well planned dinner, breakfast in bed, unexpected kisses….. 

That kind of thing.  
But when I say seduce me this is what I have in mind. I am a hopeless romantic, of course. 
Kiss me like you mean it. 
Hug me like you want to 
Look at me like am the only girl in the world, like I put stars in the sky and the moon is my best friend. 
Darling, I am not a hard girl to please. 
Text me random smart shit to make my day, shit like why you think the sun goes to sleep so that the moon can unleash her brightness or what you think vegan zombies eat or what you think of event horizon and space theory…. I promise I won’t indulge you but that will fucking make my day  
Talk dirty to me, try seducing me with science, use physics, the appalling theories,a seductive language forged from physics will definitely get you into my pants, I know I won’t  understand half the things you be saying but I will be so impressed you wouldn’t have to try. 
Undress me with your beautiful mind and baby, I am sold. 
Seduce me.


The Girl 

I’m never going to be the girl who is half loved 

I’m never going to be the girl who apologises for her feelings.

I’m never going to be the girl that gives up on herself 

I’m never going to be the girl that gives half love.

I’m never going to be the girl that forgets to let her hair down and chase the moon.

I’m never going to be the girl that chases boys.

I’m never going to be the girl that cries herself to sleep.

I will be the girl That bleeds diamonds and runs with the moon.

Blessing Galore 

Finally we hit 200 posts.

I feel blessed. 

Now that Easter is here, I would like to thank The Guy above for his unending love and blessings He sent my way and for The gift of life .

 Thanks to my readers for your constant support. For reading my work. For validating my struggles by commenting and e-mailing me. Sometimes all it takes is to hear from you and I know I don’t have to stop writing for the internet 
Thanks to my friends, family, strangers and beautiful glorious sundown for inspiration, sharing moments with me and your stories.

 Thanks to insomnia I get to write at night. 

Special thanks to my hormones, that girl, surely, makes me bleed words and literally.

Today it’s all morning sunshine, coffee and gratitude. It’s truly during Easter weekend, just  after the glorious ecclesiastial full Moon. The universe is all awesomeness and gratitude.
It wouldn’t have been possible without y’all sharing your stories and life with me. 
It wouldn’t have been possible without the glorious beautiful sunset that inspires me to want to create something beautiful.
It wouldn’t have been possible without conversation with the moon. She inspires conversations in my head for the book I will never write.
3am is a beautiful place. It’s where my favorite pieces come from. 
Thanks to bloggers for supporting and editing my work. 
My hormones, she is the best. 
Thanks to everyone and everything that made blogging worth the work, vulnerability and the pain.
Thanks to WordPress for giving me a platform to project my life. 

It wouldn’t have been possible without the internet community. I may never meet y’all but surely you have been the best. Your support, hate speech, spam messages and constructive criticism has been for the best.

I hope my words have not been in vain. 
Keep the love. Keep the support.
Yesterday and other days from yesterday I have had moments of walking away from writing. The vulnerability of sharing my thoughts online sometimes literally hurts. But it’s the posts that leave me most vulnerable that matter the most. It’s the posts of my struggles that make a few people feel less alone and for me that’s enough.

Give Me Some 70’s Love 

Write me seductive, very sexual, and not obviously, very sexual poems. 

Poems that will keep my juices flowing and my heart racing with desire.

Give me some 70’s love.

Shower me with affection,make me, I wanna feel like a woman.

Send me a printed photo of you with a hand written caption.

Write me letters.

Send me roses without thorns with a sweet note letting me know you thinking about me.

Call me from work.

Take me back to the places before WhatsApp messages, Instagram, Twitter and snap chat display of affection. Hold my hand and kiss me in public instead.

Gimme some seventies love.

My Daughter

From the best lilies pure and white, God fashioned your lovely skin
He took snow, picked black for your momma’s skin color and chose the eyes
A softer, sweeter mouth that carries the golden smile to light our days was made
He picked the best rose flower, pink and sweet and touched it to your dimpled cheeks
He curled and shaped your little ears
He gathered pollen from the flowers and sprinkled them on your skin to spice your skin color
You are a precious little angel, with sweetness from above who fills our years with laughter
My daughter when you are grown,
Don’t go looking for men to buy you Mac Lipsticks, serve yourself with coffee and work on driving a Merc
Don’t hold your lips in or make them thin because beauty is not a shape but a mind set
You should always know that the world will desire you if only you desired yourself
Always have in mind that craziness ranges from art to misplaced grammar and drama and that brings out creativity
You should always know that taking nudes will not win hearts but will only create feuds with your inner self
My daughter when you are grown, don’t go crying for an imperfect nose because the nose isn’t meant to be beautiful but to breath
My daughter when you are grown, take honey for a complement for your momma was a bee and she taught you to make sweet nice honey
My daughter when you are grown, never fear pressure, take it with your stretched hands for pressure makes diamonds and shine your way all to the top
My daughter when you are grown, and the opportunities are scarce just take the odds and they will always add to an even
My daughter when you are grown, always remember the spiders are computer illiterate but they are the best web designers, meaning no one should undermine you
Make yourself a productive field for your husband and let him treasure you like the gold mines in Congo
Never rush to make decisions but always sit back and use your Ubongo
My daughter when you are grown never fight for the obvious but make the sacred obvious
Value your boyfriend but don’t let him stretch your legs if you are not willing, always remember that everything has got some damn consequences
Never get deceived by careers, follow your heart because many are doctors whose wives are patient but they never take them for a treat
Don’t dream for a honey moon in Rome but always dream of getting a home for yourself
My daughter when you are grown, don’t let people love you for your hips but what’s between your ears
My daughter you should never be bitter because we never made it in life, remember you are the flavor to make our life sweeter
©2017, #ItutorPoetry

Seduce Me

I don’t care about coffee dates or dinner dates with polite conversations about the weather or the economy.
Don’t ask me out so you could tell me about your work, your boss or your exes.
I have heard such stories so many times, same old, it’s not music to my ears. Just another mediocre ass not on my hit list.
About the weather;we have our smart phones, we have the weather man and the internet.
About the economy; we have business daily, we have the internet and we have your boring as to tolerate over a fine cup of coffee.
About your job we all,somehow, have a day job. we all,somehow, have a complicated hate and Love relationship with our employer.
Take me on a coffee date, sit by me in silence, fuck me senseless,with nothing but your brown beautiful eyes.
We can go for dinner (not big on fine dinning) as long as you undress me, with your eyes, for dessert.
seduce me.
Make my panties wet with nothing but your eyes and words prowess.
Keep my juices flowing with nothing but your smile and charm.
Don’t touch me yet, seduce me, charm me.
Drive my imagination wild, make me beg you to take me.
Brush your hands lightly on my skin to give my body a glimpse of what it might be missing.
Command my breast to attention by the way you look at me and how you bite your lower lip.
Kiss my hands to let my skin learn the softness of your lips.
Talk dirty to me using connotations and innuendos…i get bored easily with plain dirty talks that involve words like ; finger fuck, fucking, Pussy, lick and a few other obvious words.
Blow my mind, mess up with my head, seduce me.
then darling, maybe, maybe just maybe, I will offer myself to you.
Probably even beg you to take me.
Lead me on. Seduce me. Charm Me. Make Me beg for it.
seduce me.

Lyrics From Country Music That Made Us Feel Understood About Life and Love 

  • The vows go unbroken by Kenny Rogers-

    From the moment I met you,

    You made my life complete.

    This wave of pure devotion,

    Has swept me off my feet.

    And tonight when we kissed,

    You still took my breath away.

    It goes without saying,

    But I’ll say it anyway…

    The vows go un-broken – and you still know I do.

    Love, keep and honor – always true to you.

    Though I have been tempted,

    Oh I have never strayed.

    I’d die before I’d damage,

    This union we have made.”

    •          Second violin by Bagatalle-

     “I would have given you

    Anything that you wanted

    I would have taken you

    Anywhere you wanted to go

    I would have answered you

    Any question that you asked me

    I would have told you

    Anything you wanted to know

    We used to live

    Like there was gonna be no tomorrow

    As if a new day

    Wasn’t gonna begin

    But the light in your eyes

    Has gone and said good bye

    And I don’t wanna be

    Your second violin

    The little things you do

    I still keep them in my memory

    And little things you said

    I still keep them in my mind

    The times we had were good

    And we never had a problem

    Times that we’re leaving

    So very very far behind”

    •          The Truth- Jason Aldean 

    Tell ’em all I’m on vacation

    Say I went to visit friends

    That you ain’t heard or seen from me in quite a while

    When they ask you where I’ve been

    Tell ’em I’m out on the West Coast

    Where it don’t ever rain

    And that I’m probably doing fine

    Just don’t tell ’em I’ve gone crazy

    That I’m still strung out over you

    Tell ’em anythin’ you want to

    Just don’t tell ’em all the truth

    Yeah, don’t tell ’em all the truth

    Tell ’em all I’m out in Vegas

    Blowin’ every dollar I ever made

    Tell ’em that I must be into somethin’ bad for me

    ‘Cause I sure lost a lot of weight

    Tell ’em I’m out on the road

    With some old rock and roll band

    Living like a gypsy can

    The truth is that I’m askin’ you to lie

    And we both know that it ain’t right

    But if you ever loved me

    Please have some mercy on me”

    • Cologne by Dolly Parton –

    “You ask me not to wear cologne

    She’ll know you’ve been with me alone

    And you can’t take our secret home

    So you ask me not to wear cologne

    You can wipe the make up off

    The lipstick or a little gloss

    But fragrance lingers on and on

    So you ask me not to wear cologne

    You leave my bed and go to hers

    Leaving me alone and hurt

    I love you whether right or wrong

    And you ask me not to wear cologne

    I’m not out to hurt someone

    Not you, not her, not any one

    But I got heartaches of my own

    Why, I can’t even wear cologne

    Oh but I never meant for this to be

    It wasn’t in my heart to cheat

    Love has a nature all it’s own

    So I willingly gave up cologne

    And every time you come to me

    I realize I’m in too deep

    I know you love us both and I keep holding on

    You ask me not to wear cologne

    You say, “Don’t wear cologne”

    Oh now what am I ever gonna do

    Cause I am so in love with you

    I know you love us both

    But where do I belong

    You ask me not to wear cologne”

    • Evening star by Kenny Rogers-

    “If you never rode West of the Arizona border

    You can turn the other way boy but you never get far

    You be living a lie if you wanna see the wonders of the age

    You must follow the evening star.

    Evening star

    Shine a little Heaven

    On a stranger with no dream

    Where you are.

    You can see the loneliness I mean and if I gotta fight

    I can never play somebody else’s game

    I can follow the evening star

    Starlight, you never need somebody else’s name

    If you follow the evening star.

    Have you ever known a sunset when the sky’s on fire

    How you end another day boy you’ve been searching too far

    Like the desert I rode on any memory is lost in the restless wind

    I just lie beneath the evening star.”

    •  Mamma Mia by Abba-

    “I’ve been cheated by you since I don’t know when

    So I made up my mind, it must come to an end

    Look at me now, will I ever learn?

    I don’t know how but I suddenly lose control

    There’s a fire within my soul

    Just one look and I can hear a bell ring

    One more look and I forget everything, w-o-o-o-oh

    Mamma mia, here I go again

    My my, how can I resist you?

    Mamma mia, does it show again?

    My my, just how much I’ve missed you

    Yes, I’ve been brokenhearted

    Blue since the day we parted

    Why, why did I ever let you go?

    Mamma mia, now I really know,

    My my, I could never let you go.”

    • Some Broken Hearts Never Mend by Don Williams –

    “Coffee black, cigarettes,

    start this day, like all the rest,

    First thing every morning that I do,

    Is start missing you

    Some broken hearts never mend,

    Some memories never end,

    Some tears will never dry,

    My love for you will never die

    Rendezvous in the night,

    A willing woman to hold me tight,

    But in the middle of love’s embrace,

    I see your face”

    • This world is not our own by Jim Reeves –

    “This world is not my home

    I’m just a-passing through

    My treasures are laid up

    Somewhere beyond the blue.

    The angels beckon me

    From heaven’s open door

    And I can’t feel at home

    In this world anymore.

    Oh Lord, you know

    I have no friend like you

    If heaven’s not my home

    Then Lord what will I do.”

    • Wind Beneath My Wings by Bette Midler –

    “It must have been cold there in my shadow,

    to never have sunlight on your face.

    You were content to let me shine, that’s your way.

    You always walked a step behind.

    So I was the one with all the glory,

    while you were the one with all the strength.

    A beautiful face without a name for so long.

    A beautiful smile to hide the pain.

    Did you ever know that you’re my hero,

    and everything I would like to be?

    I can fly higher than an eagle,

    ’cause you are the wind beneath my wings.

    It might have appeared to go unnoticed,

    but I’ve got it all here in my heart.

    I want you to know I know the truth, of course I know it.

    I would be nothing without you.”

    • when you say nothing at all by Ronan Keating 

    It’s amazing how you

    Can speak right to my heart.

    Without saying a word

    You can light up the dark.

    Try as I may, I could never explain

    What I hear when you don’t say a thing.

    The smile on your face

    Lets me know that you need me.

    There’s a truth in your eyes

    Saying you’ll never leave me.

    The touch of your hand says you’ll catch me wherever I fall.

    You say it best when you say nothing at all.

    All day long I can hear

    People talking out loud 

    But when you hold me near

    You drown out the crowd

    Try as they may, they can never define

    What’s been said between your heart and mine.