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Taking Stock 004

"Let's talk about the tough lessons Riri learnt in 2017." This is a continuation of my new series. I am accounting on some of the things that happen in my life in 2017 No friendship, no matter how solid, can survive bad debts.  My goodness, now when I call my friends that took Shoes from… Continue reading Taking Stock 004

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Seduce Me 

Seduce me.  I don't mind the cliche romance we see on TV, my god, am a sucker for slow walks under the moon and chasing setting sunsets. The reason they are cliches is coz they work!   I am sucker when it comes to silly games by the beach and getting high by the beach,… Continue reading Seduce Me 

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Blessing Galore 

Finally we hit 200 posts. I feel blessed.  Now that Easter is here, I would like to thank The Guy above for his unending love and blessings He sent my way and for The gift of life .  Thanks to my readers for your constant support. For reading my work. For validating my struggles by… Continue reading Blessing Galore 

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Give Me Some 70’s Love 

Write me seductive, very sexual, and not obviously, very sexual poems.  Poems that will keep my juices flowing and my heart racing with desire. Give me some 70's love. Shower me with affection,make me, I wanna feel like a woman. Send me a printed photo of you with a hand written caption. Write me letters.… Continue reading Give Me Some 70’s Love 

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My Daughter

From the best lilies pure and white, God fashioned your lovely skin He took snow, picked black for your momma’s skin color and chose the eyes A softer, sweeter mouth that carries the golden smile to light our days was made He picked the best rose flower, pink and sweet and touched it to your… Continue reading My Daughter

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Seduce Me

I don't care about coffee dates or dinner dates with polite conversations about the weather or the economy. Don't ask me out so you could tell me about your work, your boss or your exes. I have heard such stories so many times, same old, it's not music to my ears. Just another mediocre ass… Continue reading Seduce Me