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Taking Stock 005, for your eyes only

“Let’s talk about women. My journey to being a ” bad feminist” because I only truly care about women. “ I don’t think I’m such a bad feminist like people in social insinuate. I like to think of myself as a pretty opiniated feminist who has women’s and girl’s interest at heart. My approach in … Continue reading Taking Stock 005, for your eyes only

The Girl That Gave Me Pause 

Once upon a time in the land faraway I met a girl, the once in a lifetime kind of people. I can’t describe her even if I wanted, she was most things, diabolic comes to mind since complicated is cliché. This girl I speak of is nothing cliché, that much is clear. Today(a year ago … Continue reading The Girl That Gave Me Pause 

Taking Stock 004

“Let’s talk about the tough lessons Riri learnt in 2017.” This is a continuation of my new series. I am accounting on some of the things that happen in my life in 2017 No friendship, no matter how solid, can survive bad debts.  My goodness, now when I call my friends that took Shoes from … Continue reading Taking Stock 004

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