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Be Your Own Boss

Every millennial wants to be their own boss. I like the sound of that, scratch that, i FUCKING LOVE THE SOUND OF THAT. More bosses, more job opportunities, my god, we all know Africa needs jobs more than we need relief food.More bosses with their hypothetical more jobs comes with better services, better products, driven … Continue reading Be Your Own Boss

An Apology Letter To The Internet

I’m sorry for abandoning you for a while now. I have had a few hard months myself that blogging and writing for the internet was the last thing in my mind. I switched towns and with that, it came with it’s own type and level of madness. I have been trying to adjust,the city is … Continue reading An Apology Letter To The Internet

Daughters Of No One In Kenya 

I am a daughter of no one and my siblings sons and daughters of no one I have no godfather and my mother is a peasant immigrant. I don’t know who my father is, my mother never mentioned him we didn’t try asking. She did everything in her power to raise us. She toiled on … Continue reading Daughters Of No One In Kenya¬†

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